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Quotes by Jeff Curto (6 quotes)

An American photographer, Professor and Coordinator of the Photography Program at College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.
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"One of the most difficult things any photographer has to decide is where to stand. The technical part of photography is relatively easy compared to the more difficult part of where do we stand, what do we see, what do we look at, what are we interested in. And just as importantly, why."
"Camera position can be about how we compose a photograph by how the elements in the frame fall together based on the perspective, or point of view, that we bring to the camera's frame. Or it can relate to the idea of how we think about the way light changes our perspective of a subject."
"Maybe the photograph you think is there, really isn't there. But there is always something there to look at, and always something in which you can find an interesting aspect to make a photograph of. "
"Photographs are about transitory experience. They capture a moment of the present, but always preserve it as a part of the past. All photographs are about the past. They are about a moment that is gone, and not to be relived. But can be frozen in time through the photographic document."
"Inventive ideas come from re-contextualizing the past."
"A photograph is not simple an observer of the world, but is rather also a manipulator of the way we see the world."