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(1935 - )
An American photographer who was trained in aesthetic photography by Minor White and Ralph Hattersley at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Chiarenza has been Chairman of Boston University's Art History Department, Fanny Knapp Allen Professor of Art History at the University of Rochester, and taught at Smith College and Cornell University. His writings have appeared in more than 165 publications. Chiarenza's photographers have been in more than 200 group shows and more than 70 one person exhibitions.
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"What I know when I am making a picture is that I'm on a journey into the unknown. Just that. How the journey began, I have no idea. Why I have become part of its momentum, I can't say. Where it will lead me to begin again and where it will take the viewer of my work are questions I can't answer. PIctures come from pictures."
"Pictures come from pictures."
Source: Chiarenza, Carl. "Landscapes of the Mind".
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"Picture-making is something that is very personal, that is communal, that is time specific, that refers to the zeitgeist, and that every generation reflects on what came before, either negatively or positively. If we're making pictures, we can't avoid history - the history that is within us from looking, if not making."
" do come from pictures but they also come from pictures in the past as well as pictures that the person him or herself is making in his or her own lifetime. If we're artists or picture-makers of any kind, we cannot avoid being influenced by what came before us."