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"The world tilted slightly on its axis for me that day, and it changed my thinking about photography, and orthodoxy and how I would look at other people's work. [...] I was now convinced there was little I could attempt with a camera that would lead me astray, so long as it came from a place of deep conviction."
Source: "LensWork", Issue 62, Page 89
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"We start out with the mistaken notion that it's somehow about us. That this image is an expression of our ego. .. Until you get past that point. Until you start to realize that photography has to be about someone or something else, do you start getting into the realm of doing photography that anybody else is really going to care about. ... In order for the rest of the world to care, your photography has to be about something that's relevant."
"The greatest photographs are made by artists who pickup the camera, rather than by photographers who decide to make art."
Source: LensWork Podcast LW0225, "Wright Morris"
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