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Ted Orland lives in Santa Cruz, California, where he pursues parallel careers in teaching, writing & photography. Orland has worked with both Charles Eames and Ansel Adams; taught traditional camerawork at Adams’ Annual Yosemite Workshop for fifteen years; currently teaches digital photography at Cabrillo College as well lecturing and offering Master Class workshops nationally.
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"What are we actually doing when we make art? Resolving uncertainty? Giving form to our experiences? Seeking emotional release? Declaring what we believe important? Expressing our belief system?"
"Perhaps art succeeds precisely because it remains ambiguous enough to allow others with wildly different mental sets to invest themselves in it. Maybe this is why art seems so dissimilar from 'fact'."
"Now the wonderful thing about photography ... is that it is intensely experiential. Simply put, to make a photograph you have to be there. But where exactly is 'there'?"
"When it comes to making or experiencing art, words are optional -- but when it comes to interpreting the meaning of that art, words are the universal drug of choice for our species. Call it human nature."