Storm Chasing Media Services

SevereStudios is the leader in on-the-scene live streaming of extreme weather and storm chasing services.

Since 2003, tens of millions of TV viewers have watched severe weather footage shot by the SevereStudios Chase Team. From massive hurricanes to tornadoes, catastrophic flooding to raging wildfires, SevereStudios storm chasers have covered thousands of major weather events from coast to coast.

Using technology pioneered by SevereStudios, our teams stream live video direct from the field, as the storms happen, to the Live ChaseCam Network. In addition to live video, each stream contains live GPS positional data and live phoners with chasers are available.

These Live ChaseCam feeds are then rebroadcast by local, national and world-wide media, and viewed by the National Weather Service and our website viewers. We also provide high quality standard and HD stock footage to media and production companies.

To see some of our previous work, please visit If you would like to be the breaking weather leader in your market, call SevereStudios to find out more about this unique and exciting content.